Hairstyling ‘Unlimited’ With African American Kinds

Curls, waves, braids, flat tops, uncomplicated straight or anything at all in among-the decision for you with African American hairstyles is incredibly incredible. Basically, the African American neighborhood abounds with interesting creativeness in hairstyling, and most of this is owing to the amazing flexibility of the African American hair, making it feasible for them to […]

7 Myths About African American Hair

1.) You Must Touch Up Your Relaxer Every Six Weeks In my own journey to grow long healthy hair, I’ve found this to not be true. In fact frequent touch ups for my fine strands produced dryness, thinness, excessive shedding, and breakage. 2.) Only Wash Once a Month To Avoid Dryness Ok, this is definitely […]

African American Hair Dos, Heading the Curly Perm Route

How quite a few occasions have you questioned what it would be like to be carefree and have lower upkeep hair? You comb the webpages of the most recent black hair care magazines searching for African American hair dos and see other individuals heading the curly perm route. If you are stressed out and would […]