So you are off to a 1960s theme celebration and want to create a hairstyle of the era? If you have shoulder length hair, then the “Flip” is absolutely the hairstyle for you! Created well-known by Mary Tyler Moore on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and Elizabeth Montgomery from the well known show “Bewitched”, the “Flip” is absolutely a great deal less difficult to build these times than it was back again then. Back in the 1960s, gals experienced to use substantial curlers and shell out substantial time below the hooded hair dryer to make this well known design and style, but these times we have the luxurious of technological innovation with curling wands and hair dryers to support generate the glance. The “Flip” was essentially a model where the hair was backcombed and then flicked outwards at the ends to make a curl. Some gals of this era put together the “Flip” with a bouffant design and style, exactly where the hair was teased and the prime layer brushed into a superior, spherical, massive barrel-like form on best of the head. Modern day day wearers of the “Flip” have involved Hilary Clinton and Barbara Streisand, but there is much less of the puffed up and major bouffant seem of the 60s.

The “Flip” was and nevertheless is a incredibly feminine and flattering design and style and appears very best when the “Flip” ends higher than the shoulders. Dependent on the size of the curl demanded, use both a modest curling wand for a limited curl or a greater just one for looser curls.

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